Praxeologies analysis of mathematical modeling in textbooks of primary education

Samantha Quiroz Rivera y Ruth Rodríguez Gallegos

Abstract:Abstract: The present study aims to analyze the mathematical modeling praxeology of the mathematics textbooks for primary school students in Mexico. Based on a qualitative methodology, a detailed description of the types of mathematical modeling tasks present in the lessons of the books chosen are performed. Based on them, there are put into consideration the techniques, technologies and theories using the theoretical framework of the Anthropological Theory of Didactics. The results contribute a description of the mathematical modeling cycle through its praxeological elements. It is also described, in a diagnostic way, a detailed report about the materials that the Secretary of Education makes to students and the poor agreement of these with the objectives proposed in the actual curriculum.

Keywords: mathematical modeling, Anthropological Theory of Didactics, praxeologies, elementary school, textbooks.


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