Mathematical language games from different forms of life: Wittgenstein y Foucault’s contributions to think about mathematics education

Gelsa Knijnik

Abstract: The paper aims at discussing aspects of mathematics education, which is
understood as the educational processes that happen inside or outside the school
space. Specifically it problematizes the no recognition of the existence of other ways to
mathematize, different from those usually taught in school. This problematization has
as theoretical bases what is called Ethnomatematics Perspective, a theoretical toolbox
built with the interlocution of Wittgenstein’s late ideas and the theorizations of Michel
Foucault. From the empirical side, the paper presents examples of mathematical language
games of different forms of life. The discussion done shows the productivity of
such Ethnomathematics Perspective to increase the possibilities of school mathematics.

Keywords: ethnomatematics perspective, Wittgenstein, Foucault, mathematics education.




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