Substantial Argumentation. An Experience with High School Level Students in Math Classes

Authors: Alma Alicia Benítez Pérez, Héctor Benítez Pérez,  Martha Leticia García Rodríguez

Abstract: This paper presents an analysis on the substantial argumentation on
application problems evoked from a cognitive approach from Algebra and Differential
Calculus produced by high school students. The cognitive approach is
followed in this paper, based of the functional and structural analysis of reasoning
allowing the discursive mechanisms through which reasoning can change the
certainty and validity of the propositions. As a result, it is identified the characteristic
elements of substantial argument in evoked contextualized problems and
organizational presence of connective elements towards the statement-object,
were identified. A particular model based upon Ethnography of the qualitative
research was used for analyzing class records and transcripts. It´s important that
en this paper only one contextualized problem is analyzed.

Keywords: Substantial argument, functional analysis, structural analysis, representations,
contextualized problems evoked.






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