Volume 27| Number 1

The notion of relationships among calculations and the production of explanations in maths class as teaching objects. Their configuration within a collaborative work between researchers and teachers
Patricia Sadovsky, María Emilia Quaranta, Horacio Itzcovich,
María Mónica Becerril, Patricia García

Analysis of the coupling process between the epistemic and cognitive facets of mathematical knowledge in the context of an exploratory-investigative task about patterns

Luis R. Pino-Fan, Adriana Assis y Juan D. Godino

An overview of the mathematical beliefs system of pre-service teachers

Santiago Hidalgo Alonso, Ana Maroto Sáez y Andrés Palacios Picos

A mathematical modelling as a means to detection student’s
obstacles and difficulties related to the function concept:
extension of a spring under a weight

Jose Benito Búa Ares, Teresa Fernández Blanco y Mª Jesús Salinas Portugal

A path to reasoning: Using problems from Mathematical Olympiad
Claudia Gómez Wulschner y Esteban Landerreche Cardillo

La ciaem en su décima cuarta edición, una mirada de novicios
Avenilde Romo Vázquez y Mario Sánchez Aguilar


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