Volume 27| Number 2

Mathematical objects linked to Regression in High School textbooks

Carmen Batanero, M. Magdalena Gea,
Danilo Díaz-Levicoy y Gustavo R. Cañadas

To recognize and refine personal meanings
addressing an error: the case of the Point Localization Theorem

Óscar Molina, Patricia Perry,
Leonor Camargo y Carmen Samper

The role of arithmetic problems analysis
in teachers service training

Cecilia Papini

Construction and mental mechanisms for learning
matrix theorem associated with a linear transformation

María Trigueros Gaisman, Isabel Maturana Peña,
Marcela Parraguez González y Miguel Rodríguez Jara

Rule of signs of the multiplication: a proposal didactic

José Benjamín Chan Domínguez y Genny Rocío Uicab Ballote


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