Volume 27| Number 3

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Methodological proposals that constituted illusions in
the teaching of mathematics process

Bruno D’Amore y Martha Isabel Fandiño Pinilla

Praxeologies analysis of mathematical modeling
in textbooks of primary education

Samantha Quiroz Rivera y Ruth Rodríguez Gallegos

Previous ideas about multiplication and division with decimals:
its evolution from an experience with the Laberinto de decimales

Evelyn Valencia y Alicia Ávila

Attitudes towards statistics of university students from Colombia

Luis Eduardo Pérez Laverde, Ana Sofía Aparicio Pereda,
Jorge Luis Bazán Guzmán y Oscar Jõao Abdounur

Trends teaching math teachers and their conceptions of the role of educational media in the classroom
José Francisco Leguizamón Romero, Olga Yanneth Patiño Porras
y Publio Suárez Sotomonte

The construction of tangent circumference.
Theoretical study from a heuristic perspective

Liliana Siñeriz y Trinidad Quijano

Probability in the way of an ant:
a proposal for teaching use of metaphors

Gamaliel Cerda-Morales


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