Volume 29, number 3. December 2017

DOI: 10.24844/EM2903.01


Mathematics Teaching Based on the Study and Research
Path: Mathematical Teaching Indicators of the “Dialectics”

Verónica Parra y María Rita Otero

To what Kind of Mathematical Problems are Calculus Students
Exposed? A Textbook Analysis

Adriana Berenice Valencia Álvarez y Jaime Ricardo Valenzuela González

Approaching Common Knowledge of Content for Teaching Probability
from the Didactic-mathematical Knowledge Model

Claudia Vásquez Ortiz y Ángel Alsina

School Realities in Mathematics Classes
Alfonso Jiménez Espinosa y Alba Soraida Gutiérrez Sierra

Analysis of Mathematical Teacher’s Decisions in his Classroom Management
Diego Garzón Castro

Inquiring about the history of mathematical inequalities
Silvia Bernardis, Liliana Nitti y Sara Scaglia


Proposal for Treating Global Interpretation of the Quadratic Function
Using the Software GeoGebra

Ana Luisa Gómez-Blancarte, Rebeca Guirette y Felipe Morales-Colorado

“A minute for Mathematics”. An Experience of Fun, Learning
and Outreach Through the Exploration of Numeric Patterns

Romy Adriana Cortez Godinez

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