Una propuesta de acercamiento alternativo al teorema fundamental del cálculo

Martha Gabriela Robles Arredondo, Eduardo Tellechea Armenta
y Vicenç Font Moll

Abstract: This paper presents the design of a teaching sequence of tasks aimed at the teaching of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus for the first courses in calculus that, assuming the complexity and the articulation of the associated mathematical objects (variation, accumulation, derivative, integral, function, limit), promotes, through the use of interactive environments that provide the possibility of intuitive approach and conjecture, the discovery of this theorem, as well as the essential role it plays in the study of Calculus. For the design of the tasks we have considered the suitability criteria proposed by the Onto-Semiotic Approach to the Mathematical Cognition and Instruction.

Keywords: Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, integral, integral function, didactical suitability.