Volume 28 Number 3. December 2016


Tensions and Challenges in the construction of a Collaborative Work
among Teachers and Mathematics Education Researchers
Patricia Sadovsky, Horacio Itzcovich, María Emilia Quaranta, María Mónica Becerril, Patricia García

Research in Mathematics Education in México: Looking at 40 Years of Work
Alicia Avila

Bivariate Data Analysis in an Environment Based on the use of Applets
and Dynamic Software
Santiago Inzunza Cazares

The Role of Experimentation in Mathematical Modeling
Ruth Rodríguez Gallegos y Samantha Quiroz Rivera

Evaluation of the Knowledge of Future Teachers of Mathematics
about the Transformation of the Representations of a Function
Tulio R. Amaya De Armas, Luis R. Pino-Fan y Antonio Medina Rivilla

How Abundant are the Sets of Numbers? Students Comparing Infinite
Sets of Numbers
Virginia Montoro, Nora Scheuer y Ma. del Puy Pérez Echeverría

Substantial Argumentation. An Experience with High School Level Students
in Math Classes
Alma Alicia Benítez Pérez, Héctor Benítez Pérez y Martha Leticia García Rodríguez


The variable concept: an analysis with high school students
Heli Herrera López, Abraham Cuesta Borges y Juana Elisa Escalante Vega






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