The notion of relationships among calculations and the production of explanations in maths class as teaching objects. Their configuration within a collaborative work between researchers and teachers

Patricia Sadovsky, María Emilia Quaranta, Horacio Itzcovich,
María Mónica Becerril, Patricia García

Abstract: This study accounts for the process through which, in the context of a collaborative work between researchers and teachers, two primary school teaching objects arise: the practice of appealing to relations among calculations to get results and the production of explanations in mathematics class. We try to show links between the configuration of these objects —the analysis of its meaning and possible conditions for them to arise at a math class— and the collective construction of a didactic intent. This research belongs to a larger project aimed at understanding the type of mathematical and didactic production which could be obtained when a group of researchers attends regularly a school to work with teachers and heads in order to think jointly about mathematics education issues.

Keywords: collaborative work, analysis of the mathematics teaching practices, explanations
in math class, relationships between calculations.


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