Attitudes towards statistics of university students from Colombia

Luis Eduardo Pérez Laverde, Ana Sofía Aparicio Pereda,
Jorge Luis Bazán Guzmán y Oscar Jõao Abdounur

Abstract:We analyze the attitudes towards Statistics of Colombian students of a private university in Bogotá, who begin in a discipline of Statistics. To measure the attitudes three scales are considered: Estrada (2002) (ase), Cazorla et al. (1999) (asc) and a conjoint scale based in both. The final sample consisted of 545 students between 17 and 25 years, 64.2% male, of nine careers of the professional schools of Exact Sciences and Engineering, Economics and of the International School of Management and Marketing. The analysis for quality assessment of the scales used, shows high reliability of the final version of the scales with 23, 20 and 43 questions respectively to the ase, asc and Global scales. The analysis of the specific attitudes show that students recognize the importance of statistics both in academia and in everyday life; however, have distrust in relation to use, ability required and taste for the discipline that they take. Also, wer found significant differences (p < 0.05) of the attitudes measured by the three scales by school and careers evaluated, but not in relation to the gender of the students. Through the use of these scales, future investigations are suggested as complement to the didactic approach of actions to be considered in the teaching of this discipline.

Keywords: scale, attitudes toward statistics, item analysis, reliability, Colombian students, teaching of statistics.


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