When praxeologies travel from one institution to another: a “boundary crossing” epistemological approach

Corine Castela

Abstract: The focus of this paper is on vocational training programs, which means
previous investigation about mathematics in vocational settings. We start by
explaining the term ‘boundary crossing’ in relation with the cultural, historical,
activity theory approach. We then present a way to address the same issue within
the anthropological theory of the didactic, using the key concepts of institution
and praxeology. We develop an analysis grid of knowledge produced by users
when they employ a mathematical technique and a general model of the changes
human knowledge is submitted to when moving from one institution to another.
Our approach is relevant to any level of professional qualification, from engineering
to professions socially viewed as poorly qualified.
Key words: Anthropological theory of the didactic, technology of a technique,
inter-institutional circulation, transposition.


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