Mathematics Teaching Based on the Study and Research Path: Mathematical Teaching Indicators of the “Dialectics”

Verónica Parra
María Rita Otero

Abstract. This paper proposes and describes an analysis methodology based
on the formulation of a set of didactic-mathematical indicators of the “dialectics”
of study and research. These indicators were constructed based on the data
obtained from de design, implementation and evaluation of a study and research
path (SRP). The SRP’s initial questions are connected to market equilibrium in
a microeconomic model of the supply and demand. Two implementations were
developed in the last year of the Argentine secondary level (16-17years) (N = 60).
The teacher proposed to the students the following type of questions: How to
determine the market equilibrium? If the parameters of the model are modified:
How to describe the variation of the point of equilibrium?
How much does the
point of equilibrium change exactly in each case? We conclude that the most
identified dialectics are: the individual and collective, theme and out of theme,
study and research, praxeological analysis-synthesis and didactic of analysis-
synthesis, and the dialectic of black boxes and clear boxes.

Keywords: Market balance; Study and Research Path; Anthropological Theory
of the Didactic; dialectics; didactic-mathematical indicators.

DOI: 10.24844/EM2903.01

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