Learning to notice “mathematics learning” in primary education. Characteristics from a B-Learning context

María del Carmen Penalva, Carolina Rey y Salvador Llinares

Abstract. The aim of this research is to identify the characteristics of the process
of instrumentalization of the knowledge in didactics of mathematics in
primary teachers. Context was a professionalization course as psicopedagogic.
65 primary teachers participate in a b-learning environment focus on analyzing
children’s mathematical thinking. Learning environment integrated case studies
and virtual debates. The analysis of spicopedagogic students’ productions and
their participations in debate led us to characterize the learning as a change in the discourse. Discourse change was evidenced by the gradual integration and
use of didactics of mathematics knowledge in the task solving. The focus of tasks
was to interpret students’ mathematical thinking and to plan a new educational
intervention. Results allow us to identify the rebuttals during online debate as the
mechanism that support of instrumentalization process of knowledge evidenced
by the change of the discourse.

Key words: Professional development, b-learning, mathematics learning,


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