Tensions and Challenges in the construction of a Collaborative Work among Teachers and Mathematics Education Researchers

Authors: Patricia Sadovsky,  Horacio Itzcovich,  María Emilia Quaranta, María Mónica Becerril,  Patricia García

Abstract: Findings are reported from a research project that focused on the
mathematical and didactic production emerging from collaboration between
elementary teachers and school principals, and mathematics education researchers.
The reported reflections are mainly oriented towards two pedagogical foci:
a) different ways to problematize the mathematical knowledge with teachers
and b) the complexity of building a collaborative process. The analysis of students’
mathematical productions shared with their teachers became another possible
way to problematize knowledge as it allowed to identify mathematical relationships
linked to learning objectives that expanded what teachers conceived as
possible in relation to the mathematical content knowledge. The study of the
tensions that arise from a collaboration amongst teachers and researchers (training-
collaboration, naturalization-problematization and adaptation to institutional
conditions-preservation of the collaboration) evidences the complexity of this
process which demands specific conditions and professional expertise.

Keywords: collaborative work between teachers and researchers; teaching practices;
mathematics education; teacher training; focus on teaching objects.





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