Research in Mathematics Education in México: Looking at 40 Years of Work

Author:Alicia Avila

Abstract: In México, research in the domain of mathematics education emerged
in the 1970’s. It focused mainly on the cognitive processes of students, and on
the history of mathematical concepts taught in higher education. Over the years,
with the incorporation of new methodological tools, the focus shifted and diversified.
The current state of research is the result of a path with changes and
expansions in both our conceptions of objects and subjects of study, as well as
in the theories and methodologies we use. Based in a review of the work developed
in México, I discuss the evolution of research in mathematics education:
concerns, goals, methodologies and tasks to be performed. I hope that the
experiences of the Mexican community, presented from the author’s interpretation,
are also useful to researchers from other countries to look at their own doing.

Keywords: mathematics education, research history, research development, state
of the art, research methodologies, research approaches.





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