School Realities in Mathematics Classes

Alfonso Jiménez Espinosa
Alba Soraida Gutiérrez Sierra

Abstract. The article presents results of an investigation that had as objective
to analyze realities of classes of mathematics teachers in an institution of basic
and average education. In the theoretical reference are considered aspects like
beliefs, conceptions, interactions in the classroom, pedagogical practices and
didactic models. The research was developed under a qualitative approach,
where it is interesting to establish the realities that are lived inside the classrooms
in the mathematics classes, it tries to emphasize complex understandings
and relationships that are given in the classrooms. There is still a traditional
didactic approach, with constructivism, deriving from conceptions of mathematics.
Teaching is synonymous of exposition of contents, with few actions that
favor the development of mathematical thinking. The results were analyzed
jointly with teachers, especially on possible reasons for these practices, and
how they could be improved.

Key Words: School realities, mathematics, didactic models, (re)signification.

DOI: 10.24844/EM2903.04

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