Dificultades de los estudiantes de grado once al hacer transformaciones de representaciones de una función con el registro figural como registro principal

Tulio R. Amaya de Armas y Antonio Medina Rivilla

Abstract: The present research explores the difficulties encountered by 50 Colombians students in 11th grade —the school grade before the admission to the university— in their transit across different function representation registers. The research has been developed in three stages: literature review, tools’ design and exploration, and results analysis and interpretation. It introduced six situations problems to students, but we only analyze the results for each of these problems. Serious difficulties were encountered relating to function elements recognition and their relationship, the establishment of congruence between the elements of two or more registers, the transit into a register, and the intrinsic complexity of the concept itself.

Keywords: registration figural, analytical register, semiotic representation, function, conversion between register.