Mathematics never stops being a game: research on the effects of the use of games in the teaching of mathematics

Angelina G. González Peralta, Juan Gabriel Molina Zavaleta
y Mario Sánchez Aguilar

Abstract: In this manuscript the results of a literature review on the use of games in the teaching and learning of mathematics are reported. The review is based on mathematics education research literature that pays attention to games as a mathematics teaching resource. For the development of the literature review three guiding questions were used: 1) definitions and classifications of games used in the literature, 2) type of research that has been done on games, types of games studied, and characteristics of the samples considered, and 3) effects on the use of games reported in the studies considered in the review. Finally, the results of the review, the limitations of the method, and future topics of research concerning the inclusion of games in mathematics education are discussed. The main contribution of this manuscript is to provide the reader with an updated overview of the research on the use of games in the context of mathematics education.

Keywords: leisure activities, mathematics teaching, mathematical games, educational games, mathematical instruction.