Blind source separation: a bridge between linear algebra and signal analysis

Authors: Rita Vázquez,  Avenilde Romo, Rebeca Romo-Vázquez,  María Trigueros

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to present a praxeological analysis in the frame
of the anthropological theory of didactics (ATD) of an engineering method known
as Blind Source Separation (BSS). In the method we found praxeologies that can
be transposed to the first year mathematics courses in engineering education,
particularly in Linear Algebra. The analysis shows that BSS is a potential tool to
generate modelling activities that reduce the gap between mathematical theory
and engineering practice. We present a proposal of a research and study path
based on BSS.

Key words: Engineering education, mathematical models, linear algebra, BSS,
anthropological theory of didactics.