Mathematical objects linked to Regression in High School textbooks

Carmen Batanero, M. Magdalena Gea,
Danilo Díaz-Levicoy y Gustavo R. Cañadas

Abstract:The aim of this paper is to characterize the presentation of regression in Spanish high-school textbooks. To achieve this aim we analyse the problem-fields, procedures, concepts and properties linked to regression in sixteen high Spanish textbooks, eight in the modalities Humanities and Social Sciences, and another eight directed to Science and Technology. We classify the concepts identified according to their definition (operational, structural or using examples). Results show no much difference between the textbooks directed to the two high school modalities. We found a wide variety of number and type of properties presented. The assessment of the goodness of fit and the building of non linear models is hardly included. These results provide criteria to improve the presentation of regression in high school textbooks.

Keywords: Regression, Textbooks, High school, Concepts and Properties.

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